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What is Minimunchers?


MiniMunchers is the go-to destination for families on the move in New York City, and for those who visit the Big Apple with children in tow. We are the only website to search for and research Manhattan’s restaurants specifically for their children’s menus. We strive to make NYC family dining more enjoyable, by providing you with the children’s menu before you stroll in the door.


Not only does MiniMunchers provide comprehensive information about kid-friendly dining establishments throughout New York City, but also BONUS reviews (from a NYC mommy’s perspective) on their level of kid-friendliness - from high chairs to kid’s cups and, of course, CRAYONS.


Visit us regularly, as we update the site with new products that will make eating out with babies and toddlers more enjoyable. We’ll also provide tips for dining out, share restaurant recipes from your fave kid-friendly places, and much, much more!


Who is the MommyMmuncher?


MiniMunchers is the pride and joy of Carla Sullivan, mom of three, who has lived in NYC for over 10 years. Pre-kiddies, Carla and her hubby, Bob, enjoyed frequent restaurant dining and HOPED it didn’t have to end with the arrival of Ryan and Keelin. Carla did realize, however, that not all supposedly “kid-friendly” restaurants were just that. And so…MiniMunchers was born - to help savvy families prepare themselves for the best dining-out experience!


For tips, restaurant suggestions, or just to say hi, contact Carla at


How do we Review and Rate Restaurants?


First and foremost, all of the restaurants included on have a SEPARATE children’s menu or are dedicated children’s restaurants – NO EXCEPTIONS! Mommy Muncher, aka Carla, and her children look for the same criteria to review the kid-friendliness of each dining establishment:

  1. Stroller-friendly entrance?
  2. Easy access to table (With stroller)?
  3. Highchairs and/or Booster seats?
  4. Bathroom? (Location, Changing table, Handicap stall)
  5. Crayons or other entertainment?
  6. Kid’s cups? Straws? Kid’s drinks?
  7. Varied Menu?
  8. Reasonably priced/good value?
  9. Timely Service? (How long does the food take? How long before check comes?)

Restaurants that meet 8-9 of the criteria receive 4 crayons; 6-7 receive 3 crayons; 3-5 receive 2 crayons, 1-2 receive 1 crayon, and 0 is a piece of broccoli. MiniMunchers is not rating, and does not attempt to rate, the taste of the food (is there really a better chicken nugget?), only how kid-friendly the restaurants are. If you have been to a great kid-friendly restaurant that you would like to share with us as a “Guest Muncher”, or one that you think we should visit and review, please email

For all inquiries, please email